Thursday, May 13, 2010

; very UPSET!

so today my day has been nothing but annoying .
the highlight of it being that my blackberry tour completely crashed on me.
i was talking on the bbm and all of a sudden a white screen with the text "technical issues; please go to place of purchase for repair" pops up.
i tried resetting my phone and taking the battery out and had no luck, thats when i freaked out. so i had to go to two verizon stores until one of them fixed my phone.
the reason why it crashed? the 5.0 software that i did on my bb a month ago came with a BUG!!, the representative told me that it is happening only to the blackberry tour and that about 40% of the users have had this problem, the only way he was able to fix it was by completely resseting the device. it went back to when i first bought it and now has the os 4.7. i am so UPSET because i never got the chance to back up my info being that i only have like 2 months with this bb. everything got erased , all my themes, contacts, apps, bbm contacts. this really really ruined my day because my blackberry is basically an essential to my life lol. now im glad my bb is fixed and that i know what to watch out for in case it happens again which i hope it doesnt!

so if in any case i had you in my bbm please re-add me --- pin; 315B839C!