Friday, June 11, 2010

; *FREE* Juicy Couture Loves Cheetah.

*NOTE* if you do not like super colorful or girly themes, then my themes are not for you. There are other themers which differ alot from me and have awesome themes so I suggest you check them out if my themes do not interest you. ALSO thing is that you guys might notice I use the same icons over and over WELL.. I LOVE these icons and as you can tell they are my favorite but the other reason is that I cannot find any other cute icons that go well with most of my themes. I have tried to recolor precision icons but for some reason the program which I used was not working. LASTLY if you guys have any suggestions, want to make theme request (DONATION ONLY) please email me at the email provided towards the right. Thank you all for supporting my work! ENJOY ♥

* the only version available right now is the one with NO ICONS ON THE HOMESCREEN *
OTA 9600 5.0